Subway door

Hey girl in a yellow top! There you sit next to the subway door. You hold it smart and beautiful the way you are. Did you believe that you can hold my iron heart?, if so i give you an authority to break it apart, though, it will not give me pain, you will not... Continue Reading →

Fire of love within my heart…

Neither it begins nor it ends within this heart, The love is in the fire of soul from where it starts, Call it not the habit of loving nature, Awakening of passion is within this art, Not shallow are the memories of your love, Penalties brings the memories a relief within this heart, It turned... Continue Reading →

When i first met you girl!

She was bold in her behavior, italic in her style, organization skills were arranged in order of numerals. It was not too soon when i found myself attached to her and all the hyper linked on my face, she could see through, was indented in and about her beauty. It was not only that i... Continue Reading →

Which one is better?

Tuesday of the last week, i was bar-tending, and two guests sat down in front of me. They seemed in their 50's. The gorgeous lady and a man. Lady had beautiful smile and her eye liner was speaking for her shinning face and then those eyes. The man was humble and both worked for Airline.... Continue Reading →


If you look, beautiful it is, If you don't, nothing it is, Life is a moment now, Gone it is... (All rights reserved-shoaib farid tas)    

To the Mountain of Champion

  Find Within your heart, Hope reminds me something, Thoughts with Aim, Gets me to the mountain of Champion, Where spirit is my Companion, And support is one step Higher, My beautiful faith did not find me lost... ...I found myself Higher...

Dancing Struggles

In the end there is a Sun,  In the shadows you still got a Run... Clearing skies of Fantasies,  Another thing Undone... Destiny hides behind a Rainbow, Thought you made it? But it Shun... Soon the color of your violets feel low, The columns start becoming Row... In the race of voices, I Danced Slow,... Continue Reading →

Wheels of Fortune

This Oddity is dedicated to my friend Spencer, who is the reason of enthusiasm i gained within for outdoor Activity. Bike Riding & Exploring New York City. We perceived a lot in this beautiful city. The journey will never end. The poem i wrote is on the feelings of the city on the bike, the art and... Continue Reading →

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