Wheels of Fortune

This Oddity is dedicated to my friend Spencer, who is the reason of enthusiasm i gained within for outdoor Activity. Bike Riding & Exploring New York City. We perceived a lot in this beautiful city. The journey will never end. The poem i wrote is on the feelings of the city on the bike, the art and the bridges, the waters, skyline and the wishes, the deep underground fast paced, City that never sleeps.

Wheels of Fortune

Or you turn around for years,

Kind and bold its in your fears,

Take me home & now,

Dry, water, my head in tears,

River river ever and outside

Mountains, Disappearance in your style,

Running cold, Breathless, held onto

Wheels flying in clouds, touching blue piers,

And when magic is in the Sea Staying is ever and After,

Liberty..Freedom..Impossible..Accomplished, The City Appears.

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