Which one is better?

Tuesday of the last week, i was bar-tending, and two guests sat down in front of me. They seemed in their 50’s. The gorgeous lady and a man. Lady had beautiful smile and her eye liner was speaking for her shinning face and then those eyes. The man was humble and both worked for Airline. They had devoted almost half of their lives to the service that they had been doing for the company.

The lady asked if its okay to wait for two other friends who were joining them. I told her that i had no issue but only if she was that good at waiting. In New York, i learned many things that my experience as a traveler never taught me. Anyhow, coming back to what happened next was that she and the man with her were giving up slowly and leaned towards buying a round of drink for themselves.

This did not last enough until next five minutes that she asked me if she could get burger sliders cooked medium. I placed an order for her, and the man stood strong to his will, and characteristic, of being powerful creature, among mankind, who could face any challenge and hardship in life. Not then but soon after few minutes later, the man felt powerless, like the age is weakening his nondestructive motivation, the clouds of aging were taking over on his physical powers, in our world everything has an end, the fighter once was now a spiritual mentor, and then he wanted a round of sliders for himself as well.

As soon as I placed an order for the man i heard plate touching granite slab and making the squeak noise that i always identified as cracking image of something. It were the sliders cooked medium for the lady. I turned around to ask her if she wanted some water. She asked me a question ” Which one of these three sliders is the best?”.

In shock my thoughts prevailed,

i stool still until my memories failed,

The reason of my gratitude made me strong,

and i did not fail…

I answered, the first slider is made of Gold, the second is made of Silver, and the third is made of Mud. In shock her eyes were telling me that she was blank. The man looked stopped in his own thought process and the feelings of numbness were across the entire atmosphere.

I continued that “The first slider is made of gold because this is when you are hungry, the second is made of silver because you are less than hungry, and the last one is made of mud because your belly is full. but the one that is mud for you is gold for the man sitting next to you, and it is diamond for the ones who are suffering around the world”

The lady in shock did not look away but in my eyes, in order to realize, if that crazy i stood, across from her, with a different status of life.

Thank you for reading my post. Great day!

Shoaib Farid Tas


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