When i first met you girl!

She was bold in her behavior, italic in her style, organization skills were arranged in order of numerals. It was not too soon when i found myself attached to her and all the hyper linked on my face, she could see through, was indented in and about her beauty. It was not only that i kept aligned to the right where she stood, but in the center, and on the right.

She proofread every letter of my existence. Reading me more, she never stopped and i read her more too, it was an association of a tag that never ended. The lines were crossed upon each others, and i stood still under the line of love silently. Horizon spoke its language of horizontal line to justify the shape of my heart.

The blue sky revealed colors and text of melodies, which pasted an array of entire letter and stamped on my silence. The love in its own format was clinging the noise of blossom that could not be formatted. There were special characters that kept my heart beat at the rate of an increased indent and decrements. This was permanent for the time being and i had nothing to undo. With so many question marks, i went ahead and published this post!.

(this post was created clearly based on what i could see on the “write a post
page”, you can see in the photo that i explained the story based on the buttons that i could see here in write a post and those all which appeared next to one another)


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