A Tour To A Room Of Ethics

The town was famous but empty. The house that had few people only looked most beautiful from the far, didn’t appear attractive from the near. There was only one big room inside the house, and its door was door locked. A small keypad attached to the door knob appeared as if the code was required to enter or exit.

There were 3 people inside. They seemed happy but lost at the same time. The big poster on the door had something written on it. The room had two beds, and a small blanket on the floor where they used to retire for the night. It said on the door that any individual who would be the most strongest of them all, must lay down on the most comfortable bed available and not fall asleep to get the key-code.

Among people if we divide, there was one strong ruler, one performer and one weak follower. The challenge was to open the door. The key to open the door was to rest on a  most comfortable bed and not sleep. The strongest person who laid on comfortable bed kept sleeping, the one on firm kept waking, and the weakest one the floor couldn’t sleep at all.

In the fond of life, the strongest one kept sleeping through the selfishness of his life, the firm one didn’t care and the weakest couldn’t do anything. This is an example of our society. We need to reverse this procedure how we treat and grow our ethics towards others. The future is in our hands to bring the change. We must respect if we are strong, we must think if we are performers, and we must care for the weak.

This story i wrote came to my mind while having breakfast. The mornings are always perfect way to find our light. I am very happy that i somehow achieved getting up early.

This post is all rights reserved @oddwriting.com


Shoaib Farid (www.Oddwriting.com)

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