Subway door

Hey girl in a yellow top! There you sit next to the subway door.

You hold it smart and beautiful the way you are.

Did you believe that you can hold my iron heart?,

if so i give you an authority to break it apart,

though, it will not give me pain,

you will not have a single grain to gain.

I find you beautiful in my own pleasure,

How about a walk till we treasure,

I will tell you what incompletes you,

and you can express my guilts,

If my iron heart beats slow, you can reheat it in a furness glow,

Reshape it to the challenges of your destiny,

But oh the gorgeous angel in that yellow top,

Breaking heart does not break it apart,

My sorrows are attached to my sins,

Like your hair with few pins,

My serenity shines horror,

I believe to be the slave of my own art.

Oh my dear sculpture like beauty queen,

when you break this iron heart you will find a secret,

I live in the desserts of loneliness,

Where i capture star trails,

In your way you will break my heart,

Not knowing that i meant to live in this world, without a heart!

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